Take Baby Steps Towards Healthy Food With Weekly Lacto Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is gaining lots of acknowledgement among fitness lovers as the benefits of healthy food can’t be easily ignored in today’s hectic lifestyle. No one can argue on the fact that a vegetarian diet has numerous health benefits for all. But, in modern times, the definition of vegetarianism has become slightly complicated and it’s become difficult for people to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle. Thus, today we are going to unravel one type of vegetarianism with a method to follow it.

Lacto Vegetarianism –

Lacto vegetarianism or Indian Style vegetarian diet is slightly different from the modern vegan diet. In this diet, vegetarian foods plus some dairy products are consumed like cheese, milk, curd, etc., But, meats, seafood, eggs, and poultry products are completely avoided in Lacto Vegetarianism.

This style of diet is very common in India due to various religious and health factors. Most of the people follow the lacto style vegan diet because it brings flexibility and nutrition in their diet. This vegan diet has plenty of health benefits such as –

  • Some studies have contributed that the lacto diet helps in reducing the bad cholesterol which will eventually reduce heart problems.
  • Blood sugar can be controlled with a lacto vegan diet.
  • Weight loss is also supported by a dairy-based vegan diet.
  • Notably, vegetarian diets have been linked to a 10–12% lower risk of developing cancer overall.

How to Become Lacto Vegetarian?

Well, if you are hardcore meat lover and meat is a staple dinner item in your home, then you can’t turn vegan overnight. You need to make your body habitual of the healthy environment created by a vegetarian diet and then slowly become a full-time vegan. It’s easy to say than perform – so you have to follow few steps to become a lacto vegan.

Set a Date

You have to set a date in your calendar from where you can start your vegan journey. One can’t quit all meat items instantly because the temptation for juicy meat products is very hard to overpower. So, you should mark at least two days in your calendar as meatless days and avoid all meat products on that day or you can consume plant-based meat.

By following a vegan lifestyle for 2-3 days a week will give you a basic idea on how will your body respond to this diet. When you feel lighter and more energized after consuming a well balanced vegan diet, then it will encourage you to adopt this healthy food style more.

Substitute your Meat with Mock Meat

The taste of juicy and tender meat never leaves the mind of a meat lover and always tempting to stay away from vegetarianism. Here, the best way to kill meat craving is to eat vegan meat products that are made up of plants and vegan diary. Vegetarian meat tastes like a slice of real meat, but it won’t have any harmful components of meat.

Today, mock meat can be easily ordered online in India from various vegan food joints. But, if you are looking for the best mock meat at affordable rates, then you have to order vegan meat products from Ahimsa Food only as they are the first manufacturer of plant-based meat products in India.

Read Labels Carefully

To follow the lacto vegan diet strictly, you should become a pro at reading labels on processed food items. You will be amazed to find out the amount of animal products in your favorite packed snacks – once you start reading labels carefully. If you want to eat packed food, then you have to develop a habit of reading labels.

Welcome Vegetarianism Slow & Steady

You should not hurry in becoming vegetarianism because if you do that, then you won’t be able to follow it always. So, you need to slowly understand the benefits of a lacto vegan diet and step by step adopt healthy food habits.

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