Is Mock Meat Healthy? Benefits of Accepting a Vegan Lifestyle

When big fast-food giants like McDonald and Burger King tipped their toes in the industry of mock meat and start producing vegan meat patties, then the entire meat industry shakes up. The plant-based meat has been lately in high demand by meat lovers as they can stay healthy while savouring the taste of meat.

But, this meatless meat concept has raised several questions in people’s minds. Several people who want to try vegan lifestyles are intruded by vegan meat, but they are hesitant to try it due to health factors of plant-based meat.

So, if you want to start your vegetarian journey with some of the best mock mutton or chicken dishes, but you are not sure about the nutritional values of these dishes, then check out few health benefits of vegan meat.

1. It’s Free From Real Meat Side Effects

Well, an actual piece of meat is loaded with high cholesterol, carbohydrates, proteins, and saturated animal hormones. But, when you are indulging in mock meat products, then you don’t have to worry about any of these things because they are made up of veggies and plant based proteins. Moreover, there are plenty of different diseases spread due to the consumption  meats  All the side effects of the meat can be avoided by consuming the natural plant-based mock meat products.

2. Get Rid of Your Guilt

For some there is some amount of guilt attached to eating that can be avoided by consuming plant based products.

3. Maintains Ecological Chain

One of the main causes of global warming these days is the imbalance of the ecological chain. To satisfy our hunger, we humans are constantly disturbing the environment by hunting down valuable animal species that have been negatively impacting the ecological cycle. That’s because our environment has given a special position for every flora and fauna in it. So, we need to respect the position of every animal in the environment if we want to establish a healthy ecological system. Here, mock meat can help in creating a healthy environment for future generations.

Is Mock Meat Healthy?

At Ahimsa Food, we are always saying that the nutritional value of mock meat depends upon the quality of meat. Like, the best mock meat is served by us is made after considering multiple health factors so that people get the same nutritional values from mock meat as actual meat. The quality of plant-based meat depends upon –

Ingredients – The mock meat will only be healthy if good ingredients are used in it. Such as soya, wheat, peas etc  as they are  great source of protein and has high nutritional values.

Added Preservatives – generally most companies producing mock meats  use artificial preservatives to maintain the texture of meatless meat and increase the shelf life but we all know the negative impact of preservatives on the environment and health.  So we at ahimsa food  do not use any such preservatives in our products.

So, we like to say our products are Health friendly, Environment-friendly, Soul friendly, Have a merry meatless Christmas

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