How to Prepare Vegetarian Festive Feast for Your Loved Ones?

We – Indians love to celebrate and share our happiness with our family and friends. Especially, during the festival season – we indulge in celebratory poojas, parties, and small get-togethers. And, no celebration is complete without a good quality of food.

So, when you are planning to prepare a festival feast for your friends and family, then you have to plan your Menu very carefully because Indians take their food very seriously. You need to plan your menu to satisfy your all guests and good festival menu should include –

Healthy food – Your dinner must be healthy as your guests can be health-conscious or have some health problems.

Easy to Cook – Pick out recipes that can be easily prepared because you surely don’t want to spend your festival in the kitchen.

Pick Vegetarian Recipes – The majority of Indian people are vegetarian due to their religious beliefs and people who aren’t vegetarian don’t eat meat during holy festivals like Diwali or Durga Pooja. So, include vegetarian recipes in your menu – this way everyone can enjoy your cooking.

How to Make your Dining Table Shine During Festivals?

Well, meat adds richness and royal touch to your dinner table, but when you are preparing a feast for lots of people, then taking the vegetarian route is fine as vegetarian food is enjoyed by everyone. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t include vegetarian meat on your menu.

Yep, you can use meat to cook non-vegetarian classic recipes, but they will be completely vegetarian. How?

Well, if you shop your groceries from Ahimsa Food before preparing dinner, then you will be able to prepare a vegetarian feast that tastes just like your favorite meat dish. Let’s see how –

Vegan Snacks

Okay, so foremost you must want to welcome your guests with some delicious snacks and welcome drink. You can serve your guests mouthwatering Galwati Kebab and Tandori Hotdogs – perfect for both elders and kids. You must be wondering how can you serve all these meaty snacks in your vegetarian theme dinner.

Well, you can get vegetarian meat version of all these snacks and serve to your guests. Like, meat for your Kebabs will be prepared from soy and other plant proteins.  Plus, these kebabs are super easy to cook just pan seer or microwave them and quickly serve to your guests with your freshly prepared coriander chatni.

Vegan Main Course

After serving tantalizing vegetarian snacks, you need to swoon your guests with the utterly stunning and salivating vegetarian main course. And, what better dinner you can serve to your family during the festival – than a roasted duck with fresh rosemary leaves and slow-cooked mutton biryani. The mock meat for your main course will be provided tender and juicy texture with the meat substitutes like soya, based products made by Ahimsa food You can use vegetarian meat in any way to cook your famous dishes.

Ahimsa food makes a variety of vegetarian mock meats like mock chicken, mutton, duck, fish among others. To know more visit our web site

Vegan Desert

It will be mandatory to end your festival feast on a sweet note and for that, you can make kheer in soya milk or sooji halwa. You can even pair your dessert with a warm cup of almond milk.

Be a Great Host

If you follow the vegetarian festival theme, then you will surely shock your guests with delicacies made from mock meat. You will become the talk of your friend’s group till next year and everyone will wait for your next year’s festival feast. Just add a twist of mock meat in your menu and become a popular host.

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