Tantalising Benefits of Soy – A Vegetarian Meat

Vegetarian Meat: When you are planning to pass the threshold of healthy vegetarian meals, then the first question that pops into everyone’s mind – if meat and paneer are out of my diet than what should I eat?

Well, if that question is stopping you from adopting the vegan lifestyle, then no need to worry because the best mock meat ingredient – soy is here for you. Soybean is turning out to be the first preference of vegan people because it offers the best texture to vegetarian meat products, thus at Veggie Champ – we use soy in all of offer delicious vegan snacks and other delicacies.

Is Soy Good for Your Health?

Soybean is a part of the pea family and it has been concluded in numerous researches by far that consumption of soybean-based food reduces the risk of a wide range of health problems like coronary heart disease and other deadly diseases. So, indeed intake of soy instead of protein-rich meat is a healthy option.

The foundation of Ahimsa food is set by soy because it can control the craving of meat lovers plus soy has a number of health benefits to offer –

Helps During Menopause

In soy, a content called phytoestrogen is present that helps in reducing the adverse effects of menopause like hot flushes. A study conducted on the basis of that Asian woman shows fewer signs of hot flushes as compared to western women because they consume soy in their diet. This study is backed by the scientific fact that phytoestrogens act as a mild form of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) resulting in less hot flushes.

It is measured that the rate of hot flushes can reduce from 45% to 1.9% with regular consumption of soy. Thus, if you are in the menopausal period, then you should at least intake 100 grams of soy products daily. And, to make restaurant-quality vegan soy-based meals at home, you can order a variety of mock meat delicacies from our store.

Reduces Risk of Coronary Heart Disease

It has been evidently seen that soybean can reduce total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels – both are major factors of coronary heart diseases. The conclusion of multiple studies conducted on the topic has shown that 20-60 grams of daily soy intake can reduce total blood cholesterol levels along with LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. On the contrary, soy protein food products slightly increase HDL cholesterol levels.

You can easily maintain your adequate amount of soy intake by having two or three servings of soy products daily. To reduce your cholesterol level, even more, you should consume soy products with a high carbohydrate diet – it seems to help with the breakdown of the isoflavones.

Miscellaneous Health Benefits of Soy

Apart from the two crucial health benefits of soy – multiple types of research and studies have shown some possible health benefits of soy products also such as –

  • Helps in reducing blood pressure level
  • Provides flexibility to blood vessels by making artery walls more elastic
  • Reduces the high risk of osteoporosis
  • It provides protection against numerous cancer triggers and can reduce chances of breast, colon, prostate and skin cancer
  • Soy has anti-inflammatory effects also
  • It helps in the management of endometriosis

Perfect Way to Increase Your Soy Intake Level

Okay, so if you are interested to gain all the soy health benefits, then you need to increase your soy intake and for that, you have to eat more and more Ahimsa food. By replacing your meat and dairy products with soybean-based products, you can easily become a healthy person. And, when you want to order easy to cook vegan snacks made from soy, then you can easily shop for Veggie Champs.

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