Tantalising Benefits of Soy – A Vegetarian Meat

When you are planning to pass the threshold of healthy vegetarian meals, then the first question that pops into everyone’s mind – if meat and paneer are out of my diet than what should I eat? Well, if that question is stopping you from adopting the vegan lifestyle, then no

How to Prepare Vegetarian Festive Feast for Your Loved Ones?

We – Indians love to celebrate and share our happiness with our family and friends. Especially, during the festival season – we indulge in celebratory poojas, parties, and small get-togethers. And, no celebration is complete without a good quality of food. So, when you are planning to prepare a festival

Is Mock Meat Healthy? Benefits of Accepting a Vegan Lifestyle

When big fast-food giants like McDonald and Burger King tipped their toes in the industry of mock meat and start producing vegan meat patties, then the entire meat industry shakes up. The plant-based meat has been lately in high demand by meat lovers as they can stay healthy while savouring

Take Baby Steps Towards Healthy Food With Weekly Lacto Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is gaining lots of acknowledgement among fitness lovers as the benefits of healthy food can’t be easily ignored in today’s hectic lifestyle. No one can argue on the fact that a vegetarian diet has numerous health benefits for all. But, in modern times, the definition of vegetarianism has become

Meat is big business

Meat is big business. According to analysis by A.T. Kearney, the global meat market was worth $1,000 billion in 2018, and this is set to grow.At the same time, concerns about how to feed this expanding populace, along with the impact meat has on factors including our health, the environment